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Equivalent Expressions Calculator

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Provide any algebraic expression and the calculator will let you know its equivalent expressions.

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Equivalent Expressions

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Make use of this online equivalent expressions calculator that helps you to know which expression is equivalent to the given algebraic sentence.

Algebraic Expression:

“A combination of numbers, variables, arithmetic operations, constants, and coefficients is called the algebraic expression”

algebraic expression


$$ 3x^{2} + 6x – 7 $$

Equivalent Expression:

“The expressions that are the same to each other but look different are termed equivalent expressions”

Let us clarify your concept in more detail! The sentences may look different but if you put the value of the variable in them, you will always get the same results. For instance, you can also verify your outcomes by using this best equivalent expressions calculator.


The expressions:

$$ 12x\left(3x + 1\right) 6y\left(3y\right) = 0 \hspace{0.25in} and \hspace{0.25in} 36x^{2} 12x + 18y^{2} $$

Are no doubt different in look but they are exactly considered equivalent to each other. You can also cross check it with our best equivalence calculator.

How To Find Equivalent Expressions?

Example # 01:

What expression is equivalent to the one given as under:

$$ 13y\left(2x + 6\right) $$


The given algebraic sentence is as follows:

$$ 13y\left(2y + 6\right) $$

Finding equivalent expressions:

$$ = 26y^{2} + 90y $$

Example # 02:

Which equation is equivalent to the one given as under:

$$ 4x^{3} -2\left(5x+3\right) + 3x^{2} $$


No doubt the free equivalent equations calculator will resolve this problem in seconds, but it’s also crucial to go through the manual calculations again and again to clarify your concept. Moving ahead:

$$ 4x^{3} -2\left(5x+3\right) + 3x^{2} = 0 $$

$$ 4x^{3} – 10x + 6 + 3x^{2} = 0 $$

Rearranging the terms:

$$ 4x^{3} + 3x^{2} – 10x + 6 = 0$$

How Does The Equivalent Expressions Calculator Works?

Let’s go through the usage guide of this rewrite expression calculator that assists in transforming the given expression into its equivalent sentence. Stay focused!


  • Write down your given expression in the designated field
  • After you are done, tap the calculate button


The free expression equivalent calculator displays the following calculations:

  • Equivalent algebraic sentence of the one that is provided


What is the purpose of an expression?

The only purpose to use algebraic expression in calculations is to get a more precise and exact value of the variables involved.

How are operations and expressions related to each other?

On the basis of the operator used among expressions, they display various results. And operands are the values that may be changed by applying operations and these include constants and coefficients.

What is the purpose of using parentheses in arithmetic or logical expressions?

Arithmetic expressions make use of the parentheses to unite the similar operands and then simplify them. While on the other hand, logical expressions allow you to group the similar terms when parentheses are not involved in the calculations.

What are various types of algebraic expressions?

In algebra, we normally come across the following types of mathematical sentences:

  • Monomial
  • Binomial
  • Trinomial
  • Quadrinomial
  • Polynomial

Whatever the type of expression is, you can rewrite it by using this free equivalent expression calculator in a couple of clicks.


Equivalent algebraic sentences have vast applications if you look forward to dealing with computer algebra. Not only this, but these expressions also provide great assistance in simplifying various mathematical problems. And this free equivalent expressions calculator is the only way to speed up your calculations along with utmost accuracy.


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