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Convert cubic inches to liters (in^3 to L)


cubic inch (in^3)




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This content by calculator-online demonstrates how to convert cubic inches to liters. These are the units that often used in engine displacement, which is said to be as the combine swept displacement of all of the machine’s pistons in their cylinders. You see that when an individual describes the power of a car, he/she might say that it has a 3.3 liter engine or such kind of example. Remember that different small car engines have an engine displacement of 151 cubic inches, so what about the volume in liters? Well, an online cu in to liters converter is the tool that helps you to turn any value of cubic inches into the equivalent liters within a couple of seconds.

Also, read on to know about the basic formula for ci to liters step-by-step conversions, and even the same given formula is used by our calculator to convert these units of volume.

Read on!

Did You Know!

  • 1 cubic inches (in^3) is equal to 0.0163871 liters (l)
  • 1 liters (l) is equal to 61.0237 cubic inches (in^3)

Cubic inch to liter Formula:

The formula for cubic in to liter is as follow:

Liter = cubic inch * 0.0163871

How do you convert cubic inches to liters?

Convert with:

  • online cubic inches to liters converter
  • Formula (the below example helps you)

Example of Cubic inches (in^3) to Liters (L) conversion:

Problem: Convert 1700 ci to liters?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • Liter = cubic inch * 0.0163871

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • Liter = 1700 * 0.0163871

Step 3 (Result):

  • 27.858009 Liters

Means, 1700 cubic inches (in^3) is equal to 27.858009 Liters (L)

Cubic inches (in3) to Liters (L) conversion table: