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Beam Deflection Calculator

Beam Deflection Calculator

Select beam type, load type, and enter the necessary entities. The tool will readily let you know how much deflection is there in the beam.

Beam TypeBeam Type:

Load Type:

Load Type:

Span Length, L:


Uniform load, w:


Moment Load, M:


Point Load, P:


Modulus of Elasticity, E:


beam image

Moment of Inertia, Ix:


Distance :


Deflection At:


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Make use of our beam deflection calculator to find maximum deflection of the beam (simple-supported or cantilever) after a certain load is carried on it. Calculates the effect of beam bending depending upon the magnitude and location of the object placed on it.

How To Calculate Beam Deflection?

Following beam deflection formulas will help you out in determining the respective beam deflections for certain loads it carries:

Simply-Supported Beam:

Midspan Load:

Midspan Beam


Load at Any Point:

Load at any point


Uniform Load:

Load at any point


Uniformly Varying Load:

Uniformly varying load


Triangular Load:

Triangular load


Moment Load at Some Support:

Moment load at some support


Cantilever Beam:

For these specific types of beam, our steel i beam deflection calculator different equations that are as follows:

End Load:

End load


Load at Any Point:

Load at any point


Uniform Load:

Uniformly Varying Load (Case 1):

Uniform Varying load


Uniformly Varying Load (Case 2):

Uniform varying load at beam

Moment Load at End:

Moment load at end


How to Use This Beam Deflection Calculator?

To use this beam deflection calculator, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select the “Beam Type” and “Load Type.”
  • Enter the length of the span and the point load.
  • Input the modulus of elasticity and moment of inertia.
  • Hit the “calculate” button.


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