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derivative Calculator

Implicit Differentiation Calculator

Write down functions and points to calculate implicit differentiation through this implicit differentiation calculator.

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An online implicit differentiation calculator helps you to determine the implicit derivative of the given functions with respect to the variable. This implicit derivative calculator can evaluate the derivatives of functions at the given points. Here you can learn more about how to do implicit differentiation and find dy/dx by implicit differentiation problem.

What is Implicit Differentiation?

In calculus, functions can sometimes have implicit forms. This means that the function is represented by x and y. For example, the implicit form of the cyclic equation is \( x^2 + y^2 = r^2 \). Differentiation is the process of finding the derivative of a function. In other words, the process of determining the derivative of the dependent variable in the implicit function by differentiating each item separately, expressing the derivative of the dependent variable as a symbol, and by solving the resulting expression.

Find dy/dx by Implicit Differentiation:

It is the method of finding the implicit differentiation for a function. If you want to do it manually, then go through the following stepwise process:

  • First, take the given polynomial equation that has two different variables a and b.
  • Now, apply the differential function on both sides of the equation and calculate the derivatives.
  • Then, bring the dy/dx on the one side of an equation and do the mathematical operations to the value of dy/dx
  • Add the given (a, b) values in the equation for getting the implicit solution.

You don’t need to remember all these steps, just substitute the given functions into the dy/dx calculator and get the results precisely.


Solve implicit differentiation problem of \( a^3+b^3=2ab \) at the point (a,b)=(2,3)?


Given equation is

$$ a^3+b^3=2ab $$

First, implicit differentiation calculator take the derivative of the given equation:

$$ dy/dx(a^3)+db/da(b^3)=dy/dx(2ab) $$

$$ 3a^2+3b^2dy/dx=2ady/dx+2b $$

$$ 3b^2dy/dx-2ady/dx=2b-3a^2 $$

$$ dy/dx(3b^2-2a)=2b-3a^2 $$

$$ dy/dx=2b-3a^2/3b^2-2a $$

Now, dy/dt calculator substitutes a = 2 and b = 3 in the above equation

$$ =2 (3) – 3 (2)^2 / 3 (3)^2 – 2 (2) $$

$$ = 6 – 12 / 27 – 4 $$

Hence, the result of the implicit differentiation problem is:

$$ = – 6 / 23 $$

How Implicit Differentiation Calculator Works?

An online implicit derivative calculator computes the implicit differentiation for the entered function by following these steps:


  • First, enter the value of function f (x, y) = g (x, y).
  • Now, select a variable from the drop-down list in order to differentiate with respect to that particular variable.
  • If you want to evaluate the derivative at the specific points, then substitute the value of the points x and y. (optional)
  • Hit the calculate button for the implicit solution.


  • The implicit differentiation solver quickly provides the implicit derivative of the given function.
  • This calculator also finds the derivative for specific points.


Why we use the implicit differentiation?

Implicit differentiation is used to determine the derivative of variable y with respect to the x without computing the given equations for y.

What is explicit and implicit function?

An explicit function is a function which is expressed in the terms of an independent variable. Whereas, an implicit function is a function which can be written in the terms of both independent and dependent variables.

What is the implicit differentiation of ab?

The implicit derivative of ab is




Use this online implicit differentiation calculator to compute the derivative when the dependent variable is no isolated on the one side of the equation. It can also find the implicit derivation at the given points.


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