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SAS Triangle Calculator

SAS Triangle Calculator








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Give a try to our free SAS triangle calculator to find each and every entity of a triangle. Just provide a couple of adjacent sides of the triangle and their mutual angle and let the calculator do the rest for you.

What Is A SAS Triangle?

In Trigonometry, SAS corresponds to a Side-Angle-Side triangle.

SAS Triangle Geometry

How to Solve SAS Triangle?

What if you think about how to find the angle of a triangle given 2 sides and 1 angle. Let us tell you!

Suppose we have to solve triangle SAS given as under:
SAS Triangle

In this triangle, we are given:

\(a = 1\)

\(b = 4\)

\(γ = 30^{\text{o}}\)

Third Side c:

By using law of cosines:

\(c=\sqrt{\left(1\right)^{2}+\left(4\right)^{2}−2 \text{1*4 } cos\left(30^{\text{o}}\right)}\)

\(c=3.17\) For calculations, tap law of cosine calculator.
SAS Triangle
For other sides, you may use:

\(a=\sqrt{b^2+c^2−2 \text{ b c } cos(α)}\)

\(b=\sqrt{a^2+c^2−2 \text{ a c } cos(ꞵ)}\)










By using the Heron’s formula:





Height of Triangle:











Inner Angles:

By using law of sines here:


Rearranging for missing angle:







Now using the supplementary angle measurement























How Does SAS Triangle Calculator Work?

If you wish to use our SAS calculator, read on and understand the following guide!


  • Enter two side and their associated angle measure
  • Hit the calculate button


  • The side angle side calculator complete the solution of SAS triangle


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