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Corrected Calcium Calculator

Enter your calcium and albumin levels and the calculator will use the corrected calcium equation to calculate the calcium needed to keep you strong enough. If you are facing a deficiency of albumin, then this calculator will let you estimate the calcium intake sufficient to fulfill that particular need.

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  Our simple corrected calcium calculator is an efficient tool through which you can readily calculate corrected calcium levels for the patients with hypoalbuminemia (lowered levels of albumin)! In simple words, this calculator uses a simple, corrected calcium equation to calculate corrected calcium levels. Give a read to this post to know more about calcium! Let’s Start With The Term of “Calcium”

What Is Calcium?

Calcium is the most abundant mineral that is found in the human body. And, it is something that is appearing in combination with phosphorous in the ratio (2:1.5). Calcium play a vital role for the formation of bones, teeth, normal muscle and nerve activity, blood clotting,etc., you can consult with your health care provider to know about the importance of calcium. Read on to know about the calcium correction! Remember that an individual with low albumin levels may suffer from hypercalcemia. So, there is a need to check albumin calcium correction to avoid health complications.

What is Calcium Deficiency?

Generally, there are two types of calcium deficiencies that are mentioned below: • Dietary Calcium Deficiency • Hypocalcemia

Dietary Calcium Deficiency:

When you do not intake an adequate amount of calcium, this condition is caused, and it leads to depleted calcium stores in the bones, also weakening and thinning of the bones and osteoporosis


Hypocalcemia is the condition that is referred to as the low level of calcium in the blood. Yes, this condition often caused due to the side effect of medications, including diuretics, medical treatments for diseases such as renal failure or hypoparathyroidism. So, you ought to utilize the above calcium calculator to correcting calcium for albumin!

How Our Calcium Calculator Works:

How to calculate corrected calcium is the most common question that frequently asked by many folks! The expert of a calculator-online provided a tested corrected calcium calculator that helps in calcium albumin correction using a simple corrected calcium formula! Our simple calcium albumin calculator uses these given formulas for the albumin calcium correction. This tool calculates the albumin corrected calcium for the patients with low albumin levels! This is the calcium correction formula that our corrected calcium calculator is used to corrected calcium for albumin. Corrected Calcium = (0.8 * (Normal Albumin – Patient’s Albumin)) + Serum Ca If you want to calculate calcium correction for albumin with the ease of our corrected calcium level calculator, you ought to stick on these steps: • First of all, you ought to measure your patient’s serum calcium and albumin levels • Then, you ought to put the measured value of serum calcium level in the field of Calcium • Right after, there is a need to add your patient's serum albumin level in the field of Albumin • Then, add the normal albumin level and press the calculate button to get the corrected calcium calculation • You will get you to result in the right box, that is your patient's corrected calcium level. There is no need to perform calculations of calcium correction for albumin and even no need to remember the complicated corrected calcium formula! You just have to utilize our simple corrected calcium calculator to get the calcium correction albumin within a couple of seconds Remember that, if you are using SI units, then the normal albumin level is 4 mg/dL Standard Units or 40 g/L. Additionally; you can able to change the default value in this calcium albumin calculator (if needed)

A Guide On Calcium Correction:

Optimistic studies reveal that the entire amount of calcium that is found in your body is dependent on the level of serum albumin. Albumin is a very important contributor that helps to the maintenance of plasma colloid oncotic pressure, and deficiency of it results in oedema. The calcium adjusted for albumin refers to the part of calcium that is ionized; it is the part that has a biological effect. Typically, calcium corrected for albumin is calculating when the albumin levels are not in the normal range! These are the two parameters that are utilized for the calculation of calcium correction for albumin: • Serum albumin is always measured in g/dL or g/L • Total Calcium, measure in either mg/dL or mmol/L The corrected calcium equation used is: calcium adjusted for albumin = serum calcium [mg/dL] + 0.8 * (normal albumin - serum albumin [g/dL]) Where; The normal albumin level is the default at 4 g/dL; thus, the corrected calcium formula becomes: • Corrected calcium = serum calcium + 0.8 * (4 - serum albumin) The value that is obtained by this calcium correction formula can be utilized in determinations that consider on suspicion of a calcium metabolism disorder Where hypoalbuminemia is present (low levels albumin), and corrected calcium tends to be higher than total calcium.

How Much Of Calcium Does Our Body Need?

• Infants need to intake 260mg per day • Toddlers need to intake 800mg per day • Children need to intake 1200mg per day • Teenagers need to intake 1300mg per day • Adults need to intake 1000mg per day • Pregnant women need to intake 1100mg per day • Adults over 50 need to intake 1100mg per day • Adults over 70 need to intake 1200mg per day

The Term of Hypercalcaemia:

Keep in mind, if the levels of calcium in the body are not maintained, then it can cause hypo or hyper-calcaemia. These are the different stages that are depending on the calcium levels: • Mild Hypercalcaemia – the total serum calcium levels is 10.5- 11.9 mg/dL • Moderate Hypercalcaemia – the total serum calcium levels are 12- 13.9 mg/dL • Severe Hypercalcaemia – the total serum calcium levels are 14- 16 mg/dL

How To Calculate Corrected Calcium:

For mg/dl: The corrected calcium formula is: Corrected Calcium [mg/dL] = (0.8 * (Normal Albumin - Albumin)) + Calcium For mmol/l: The corrected calcium formula is: Corrected Calcium [mmol/L] = (0.02 * (Normal Albumin - Albumin)) + Calcium • Normal albumin level is typically considered equal to 4 g/dL.

The Role Of Calcium In Human Body:

Calcium plays a vital role in functioning a human body properly; thus, we are provided a calcium correction albumin calculator for you! • It keeps your bones and teeth healthy and also prevents osteoporosis • It allows your blood to circulate smoothly throughout your body • It keeps the endocrine system runs without hassles • It maintains the muscles, tendons, and ligaments • It works as a chief component of cell signaling, transport, and communication • Immensely important for blood clotting • It prevents and treats cancer • It aids in weight management • It is best to control cholesterol & lipid absorption in the intestines • Ideal for your heart • It reduces the risks during pregnancy

Words From Calculator-Online:

Keep in mind, the results that you will get from our corrected calcium calculator for calcium albumin correction should be confirmed before use. Remember that the suggested calculations aren’t suitable for clinical judgment!
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