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Jacobian Calculator

Select variables and enter their values in the designated fields to calculate the jacobian matrix by operating this jacobian calculator.







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An online Jacobian calculator helps you to find the Jacobian matrix and the determinant of the set of functions. This Jacobian matrix calculator can determine the matrix for both two and three variables. So, let’s take a look at how to find the Jacobian matrix and its determinant.

What is the Jacobian matrix?

In calculus, the Jacobian matrix of a vector value function in multiple variables is the matrix of its first-order derivatives. The Jacobian matrix sums all the transformations of every part of the vector along with the coordinate axis. Usually, Jacobian matrixes are used to change the vectors from one coordinate system to another system.

Jacobian matrix of function (f) is defined to be a matrix (m x n), donated by J.

J = [ df/dx_1 …… dy/dx_n]

In other words, the Jacobian matrix of a function in multiple variables is the gradient of a scalar-valued function of a variable. If a function (f) is differentiable at a point, then its differential is given in the coordinates by the Jacobian matrix.

The jacobian matrix may be a square matrix with the same number of rows and columns of a rectangular matrix with a different number of rows and columns.

However, an Online Derivative Calculator helps to find the derivative of the function with respect to a given variable.

Jacobian Determinant:

If m = n, then f is a function from R^n to itself and the jacobian matrix is also known as a square matrix. And the determinant of a matrix is referred to as the Jacobian determinant.

The jacobian determinant at the given point provides information about the behavior of function (f). For example, the differentiable function (f) is invertible near the point P ER^n if the jacobian at point (p) is not zero.

How to Calculate Jacobian?

To calculate the Jacobian let’s see an example:


Jacobian matrix of [u^2-v^3, u^2+v^3] with respect to [x, y].


Let’s find the Jacobian matrix for the equation:



We can find the matrix for these functions with an online Jacobian calculator quickly, otherwise, we need to take first partial derivatives for each variable of a function,

J(x,y)(u,v)=[∂x/∂u∂x/∂v∂y/ ∂u∂y/ ∂v]

J(x,y)(u,v)=[∂/∂u(u^2−v^3)∂/ ∂v(u^2 – v^3)∂/ ∂u(u^2+v^3)∂/∂v(u^2+v^3)]




Jacobian Matrix is


Jacobian Determinant is


However, an Online Determinant Calculator helps you to compute the determinant of the given matrix input elements. This calculator determines the matrix determinant value up to 5×5 size of matrix.

Critical Points:

If f: R^n→R^mis a continuously differentiable function, then a critical point of a function f is a point where the rank of the jacobian matrix is not maximal. A point is critical when the jacobian determinant is equal to zero.

How Jacobian Calculator Works?

An online Jacobian matrix calculator computes the matrix for the finite number of function with the same number of variables by following these steps:


  • First, select the two or three vector value function.
  • Now, substitute the values in the relevant fields.
  • Hit the calculate button for results.


  • The Jacobian calculator provides the matrix and its determinant with stepwise calculations.
  • You can find the Jacobian matrix for two or three vector-valued functions Nemours time by clicking on recalculate button.


What is Jacobian ratio?

Jacobian Ratio is the deviation of a given component from an ideally shaped component. The Jacobian value ranges from -1 to 1. If the jacobian range is equal to 1, then it represents a perfectly shaped component.

What is a Jacobian vector?

Jacobian is a matrix of partial derivatives. The matrix will have all partial derivatives of the vector function. The main use of Jacobian is can be found in the change of coordinates.

How we can find the inverse of Jacobian?

In a Cartesian manipulator, the inverse of the Jacobian is equal to the transpose of the Jacobian (JT = J^-1).

What is the negative Jacobian?

When the change of variables in reverse orientation, the Jacobian determinant is negative (-ve).

Is Jacobian matrix symmetric?

Usually, Jacobian matrixes (even the square ones) are not symmetric.

What is the rank of the Matrix?

In linear algebra, the rank of a matrix is the dimension of the vector space created by its columns. This corresponds to the number of linearly independent columns of the matrix.


Use this online Jacobian calculator which is a defined matrix and determinant for the finite number of functions with the same number of variables. In the Jacobian matrix, every row consists of the partial derivative of the function with respect to their variables.


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