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Ramp Calculator

Ramp Calculator


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Our slope ramp calculator will perform the calculations required to design a ramp. By using the results of the tool, you can easily construct a ramp that will allow you to push a wheelchair a few steps higher.

ADA Ramp Slope Measurements:

The Americans with Disability Act has strictly asked companies to build a ramp with a constant slope. This is why it is very important to calculate the ramp slope before you actually start constructing it. Also, ADA strictly orders to use the minimum steep slope for a ramp to build. Standard ramp slopes include:

Ramp Slope Type Rise:Run Slope % Slope Angle
Maximum 1:12 8.33 4.76
Comfortable 1:16 6.25 3.58
Minimum 1:20 5 2.86


How To Calculate Ramp Slope?

Our wheelchair ramp slope calculator helps you calculate the ramp slope readily. But if your goal comes up with manual calculations, then you first need to understand unit conversions for the slope.

Rise To Run Ratio:

For every one part rise, there is a considerable increase in the run of the ramp.

Slope (Ratio) = Rise: Run

The most common ramp slopes are 1:8, 1:12, and 1:20, respectively.


It is the angle between the run and the ramp floor.

Slope (Angle) = arctan (Rise/Run)

Our slope ramp calculator calculates the ramp slope angle in multiple units of measurement.

Slope Percentages:

In the United States and Europe, the ramp slopes are calculated in units of slope percentage.

Slope (%) = Rise/Run *100%

Slope (%) = 100% *tan (angle)

Using Hypotenuse Formula:

A ramp is just like a right triangle. Now if you know the slope (hypotenuse) and rise of the ramp, you can easily apply the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the slope of the ramp.



This is the best way to calculate ramp length.

Recommended Wheelchair Ramp Slope Angles:

To calculate ramp slope angle, you need to follow the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) standard angle measures. These include:

  • 4.8-degree: The slope of the wheelchair recommended by the ADA
  • 7-degree: Recommended for manual wheelchair users
  • 10-degree: The slope of the wheelchair is better for the Manual wheelchair user but reasonably strong attendant
  • 12-degree: This slope is recommended for Power wheelchairs
  • 15-degree: The slope of the wheel chair recommended for the restricted space

Wheelchair Ramp Length:

For measuring the ramp length, you need to know the height of the wheelchair from ground level. Else for calculations, let it be done by the wheelchair ramp slope calculator in seconds.

  • 4.8” height: Divide the rise distance by 1, the height of the ramp remain “4.8” from ground level
  • 7” height: Divide the rise distance by 1.5, the height of the ramp remain “4.6” from ground level
  • 10” height: Divide the rise distance by 2, the height of the ramp remain “5” from ground level
  • 12” height: Divide the rise distance by 3, the height of the ramp remain “4” from ground level
  • 15” height: Divide the rise distance by 3, the height of the ramp remain “6” from ground level

How Does Ramp Calculator Work?

Our ADA ramp slope calculator performs instant calculations for your desired ramp structure. Let’s go through the guide below that will help you enter the required parameters in the tool.


  • Choose the mode of calculator, either “Simple” or “Advanced”

If you choose “Simple”:

  • Select the Application and Ramp Type from their respective fields
  • Enter the rise value with its unit selected
  • Tap Calculate

If you choose “Advanced”:

  • Enter the Rise, Run, and Width of the ramp in their designated fields and select their corresponding units
  • Tap Calculate


  • Ramp slope
  • Angle of deflection between the rise and ramp slope
  • Angle of elevation between run and ramp slope
  • Surface area
  • Surface to volume ratio
  • Volume under the ramp
  • Step by step calculations


What Is The Slope Requirement For OSHA Ramp?

The standard ramp incline is 1 vertical to 3 horizontal. And if the incline ratio is 1:8, then the structure of the ramp must be triangular. Moreover, you must know that the gap between all the corners of the ramp is equal.

What Is a 100% Ramp Slope?

A 100% ramp slope is one having a slope angle of \(45^{o}\). For instance, look at the following formula:

Slope Percentage = 100% × Tangent (Slope Angle)

For a 100% ramp slope, the angle becomes \(45^{o}\) such that:

Slope Angle = arctan(1)

Slope Angle = 45°


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