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RREF Calculator

RREF Calculator


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Use this handy rref calculator that helps you to determine the reduced row echelon form of any matrix by row operations being applied.

So stay connected to learn the technique of matrix reduction and how this matrix reduction calculator will assist you to amplify your speed of calculations.

Let’s come to the topic!

What Is Reduced ROW Echelon Form?

A matrix is said to be in either echelon or reduced echelon form if it satisfies the following set of conditions:

  • It is already in echelon form
  • All of its pivots are equal to 1 considering that the pivots are the only elements that are considered as non-zero ones

Conditions to Attain Reduced Echelon Form:

If you are given a matrix and you want to determine its rref form, then do not panic. Just go by following the following key points and you will get what you seek.

  • The first number in each row should be 1
  • The position of the next leading 1 will be one step towards the right from the upper one
  • All those rows containing non-zero entities are always on the top of zero rows

Our free rref calculator intentionally works on all these principles to generate an accurate reduced echelon form of any matrix under observation.

How To Find Reduced Echelon Form?

Let’s resolve an example to clarify your concept of both echelon and reduced echelon form. Stay focused!

Example # 01:

Find the reduced echelon form of the matrix given below:

$$ \begin{bmatrix} 2 & 3 & 8 \\ 14 & 8 & -7 \\ 7 & -3 & 1 \\\end{bmatrix} $$


As the given matrix is:

$$ \begin{bmatrix} 2 & 3 & 8 \\ 14 & 8 & -7 \\ 7 & -3 & 1 \\\end{bmatrix} $$

Determination of Reduced Echelon Form:

Step # 01:

Divide first row by 2:

$$ \begin{bmatrix} 1&\frac{3}{2}&4 \\14&8&-7 \\ 7&-3&1\\\end{bmatrix} $$

Step # 02:

Multiply first row by 14 and subtract it from first row:

$$ \begin{bmatrix}1&\frac{3}{2}&4 \\ 0&-13&-63 \\ 7&-3&1 \\\end{bmatrix} $$

Step # 03:

Multiply second row by 7 and minus it from the third row:

$$ \begin{bmatrix}1&\frac{3}{2}&4 \\0&-13&-63 \\0&\frac{-27}{2}&-27 \\\end{bmatrix} $$

Step # 04:

Go for dividing the second row by -13:

$$ \begin{bmatrix}1&\frac{3}{2}&4 \\0&1&\frac{24230769231}{5000000000} \\0&\frac{-27}{2}&-27 \\\end{bmatrix} $$

We understand that these suppositions in calculations may be confusing but do not worry as this rref calculator

Step # 04:

Now it’s time to multiply zeroth row by the number 3/2 and subtract it from first row:
$$ \begin{bmatrix}1&0&\frac{-8173076923}{2500000000} \\0&1&\frac{24230769231}{5000000000} \\0&\frac{-27}{2}&-27 \\\end{bmatrix} $$

Step # 05:

Multiply second row by -27/2 and minus it from the third row:

$$ \begin{bmatrix}1&0&\frac{-8173076923}{2500000000} \\0&1&\frac{24230769231}{5000000000} \\0&0&\frac{19211538462}{500000000} \\\end{bmatrix} $$

Step # 06:

Move on multiplying third row by 500000000/19211538462:

$$ \begin{bmatrix}1&0&\frac{-8173076923}{2500000000} \\0&1&\frac{24230769231}{5000000000} \\0&0&1 \\\end{bmatrix} $$

Step # 07:

Multiply zeroth row by -8173076923/2500000000 and subtract it from first row:

$$ \begin{bmatrix}1&0&0 \\0&1&\frac{24230769231}{5000000000} \\0&0&1\\\end{bmatrix} $$

Step # 07:

Get the product of first row with 24230769231/5000000000 and subtract the result from second row as below:

$$ \begin{bmatrix}1&0&0 \\0&1&0 \\0&0&1 \\\end{bmatrix} $$

As all principal diagonal elements have zero on above and below them, the form generated is considered a reduced echelon.

For instance, you can also verify it by using the free matrix row reduction calculator.

Every method of linear equations can be transformed into another method that has an identical set of solutions and which is usually much more straightforward to solve. Since every method can be illustrated by its extended matrix, you can take the transformation by making the operations on the matrix with the assistance of the reduced row echelon form calculator.

How RREF Calculator Works?

This row reduced echelon form calculator will take a couple of moments to generate the row echelon form of any matrix. Get going through the guide below to use the matrix echelon form calculator straightaway!


  • First of all, set up the order of the matrix by fixing the number of rows and columns from first and second lists, respectively
  • After you do that, tap “Set Matices” to et the proper layout of the final matrix
  • Now enter the entities of the matrix in in the designated fields of the row echelon calculator
  • At last, hit the calculate burton


The free rref matrix calculator will do the following operations:

  • The row reduce calculator will reduce the matrix in reduced echelon form
  • Shows all row operations involved in reducing the given matrix


What is a pivot in rref?

The first nonzero element of each row is termed a pivot in row-echelon form, and the columns in which pivots appear are called pivot columns. Row-equivalent matrices have pivots at the same locations. Besides that, you can use matrix calculator rref to perform the calculations easily regarding the pivot in rref.

Is the zero matrix in rref?

Yes, according to logic. All zero rows are at the bottom of the matrix, hence the zero matrix is RREF. Each nonzero row after the first has a leading entry that is to the right of the previous row’s leading entry. . And, you can verify this concept with the help of our online reduced echelon form calculator.

What is an n matrix?

A negative main minor N-matrix is a matrix with real elements. N-matrices show comparable characterization findings to P-matrices. You also use the linear complementarity problem as an application to establish characterization and determine the value of the N-matrix by using a row reduction calculator.

Can reduced row echelon form have all zeros?

The bottom of the matrix is where a row of all zeros appears. Every row starts with a one as the first non-zero element. The leading element is what it’s named. Any row’s first one is on the right of the previous row’s first one. And you will see that our best rref calculator will also be displaying results in this form.

Does every matrix have an echelon form?

Yes, each and every matrix in algebra can be reduced to its corresponding echelon and reduced echelon form by applying a certain row reduction technique to it. Also, you can let this free matrix reduced row echelon form calculator with steps do all such stuff for you in seconds.


In linear algebra, you’ll occasionally be asked to convert a matrix to a row echelon form. The row echelon form can assist you in understanding what a matrix reflects and is also a crucial step in solving systems of linear equations. This is why our free matrix rref calculator with steps allows you to resolve systems of linear equations as well as generate echelon and reduced echelon form most accurately.


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