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Convert Kilometer to Decimeter (km to dm)


kilometer (km)


decimeter (dm)


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Are you seeking for the best and easiest ways to convert kilometers to decimeters? If yes, then you are at the right place. We are providing a smart tool that allows you to perform these conversions efficiently. This online converter uses the standard formula for converting km to dm within a couple of seconds.

Did You Know!

  • 1 kilometer (km) is equal to 10000 decimeters (dm)
  • 1 decimeter (dm) is equal to 0.0001 kilometers (km)

kilometer to decimeter Formula:

The formula for converting km to decimeters is:

dm = km x 10,000

How to convert km to dm?

Don’t fret; you can readily do these conversions from km to decimeters (dm) within two simplest ways:

  • Kilometers (km) to Decimeters (dm) converter (use the above one)
  • Formula for km to dm (let’s take a look at the given example that using this formula)

Example of kilometers (km) to decimeters (dm) conversion:

Problem: Convert 28 kilometer to decimeter?


Step 1 (Formula):

  • dm = km x 10,000

Step 2 (Put the Values):

  • 28 x 10,000

Step 3 (Result):

  • 280000 decimeters

Means, 28 kilometers (km) is equal to 280000 decimeters (dm)

Kilometer (km) to Decimeter (dm) Conversion Table:

“col m6 s12”>

Kilometer(km) Decimeter(cm)
1 km 10000 dm
2 km 20000 dm
3 km 30000 dm
4 km 40000 dm
5 km 50000 dm
6 km 60000 dm
7 km 70000 dm
8 km 80000 dm
9 km 90000 dm
10 km 100000 dm
20 km 200000 dm
30 km 300000 dm
40 km 400000 dm
50 km 500000 dm
60 km 600000 dm
70 km 700000 dm
80 km 800000 dm
90 km 900000 dm
100 km 1e+6 dm
200 km 2e+6 dm
300 km 3e+6 dm
400 km 4e+6 dm
500 km 5e+6 dm
600 km 6e+6 dm
700 km 7e+6 dm
800 km 8e+6 dm
900 km 9e+6 dm
1000 km 1e+7 dm