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standard form Calculator

Scientific Notation Calculator

Enter two scientific numbers and the calculator will apply arithmetic operations on them. Also, its converter version will allow you to get equivalent notation for any number format entered.

  • Scientific Notation Converter
  • Scientific Notation Calculator

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Note: You can enter the value either in Scientific Notation or Decimal Notation or E Notation

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An online scientific notation calculator allows you to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers in scientific notation. Also, this online scientific notation converter helps you to convert a number to scientific notation, e notation, engineering notation and decimal notation.

About Scientific Notation

An online scientific notation calculator with solution by calculator-online helps you in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers in scientific notation.

  • Scientific Notation
  • E Notation
  • Engineering Notation
  • Decimal Notation

Scientific Notation:

Scientific notation is commonly used with all those numbers that are very large or even very small. It is mostly used in many fields that are related to science such as calculations of physics, applications of engineering and formulas of chemistry. It basically shrinks all the numbers into a specific form that is multiplied by 10 and then raised to an exponent. In every field of science, it is represented by * 10ⁿ. N is the power and 10 is the exponent.


Scientific E notation is the most basic and easy way to write all those numbers that are too large or too small. It is helpfully for all those numbers that cannot be written in the decimal formats. Exponential notation calculator is functioned to display numbers in terms of “times ten raised to the power of” without the hustle of manual calculation. However, a representation of manual calculation is elaborated below:

Engineering Notation:

  • Engineering notation has some similarities with the scientific notation but it also has some distinctive differences. In the engineering notation the exponent, n, is limited to multiples of 3 such as: 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, -3, -6, and so on.
  • In this term all the numbers that are align with SI prefixes and you can be read as such. It is important to keep in mind that all the decimal place of any number can be conveniently moved to write the scientific notation in engineering notation.

Decimal Notation:

It is the representation of any fraction as well as of any real number that uses the base of ten and it can be consist of any of the digits like 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, along with a decimal point. To convert form scientific notation to decimal notation there all you have to do is to move the decimal place and then write it in the form of power of 10.

Scientific Notation Chart

Scientific Notation – Scientific Notation Chart

109 = 1,000,000,000 Giga (G)
108 = 100,000,000
107 = 10,000,000
106 = 1,000,000 Mega (M)
105 = 100,000
104 = 10,000
103 = 1,000 Kilo (K)
102 = 100
101 = 10
100 = 1
10-1 = 0.1
10-2 = centi (c) 0.01
10-3 = milli (m) 0.001
10-4 = 0.0001
10-5 = 0.00001
10-6 = micro (µ) 0.000001
10-7 = 0.0000001
10-8 = 0.00000001
10-9 = nano (n) 0.000000001

How to convert to scientific notation with this Calculator:


  • Hit the “Scientific Notation Calculator” tab
  • Then, you have to enter the first number into the designated box with the power of 10
  • Now, you have to choose the operation from the drop-down menu according to which you want to perform standard notation calculations, it can either be (+), (-), (*), (/)
  • Very next, you have to enter the second number into the given field, it also entered as a power of 10
  • Now, just hit the calculate button to get quick result


The scientific notation conversion calculator will generate the results after applying selected operation on the given inputs; you will get results in the following formats:

  • Scientific Notation
  • E Notation
  • Engineering Notation
  • Decimal Notation

Convert to scientific notation:


  • Hit the “Scientific Notation Converter” tab

There are three given fields:

  • Scientific Notation
  • Decimal Notation
  • E Notation
  • You just have to enter value in one of the above fields of the standard notation calculator to get the conversions in other notations
  • Once you entered the value, hit the calculate button


The standard notation converter shows the results in the following  terms:

  • Scientific Notation
  • E Notation
  • Engineering Notation
  • Decimal Notation

Scientific Notation Example:

If you have a number 700 then how to write scientific notation of it?

In the first step to convert form number to scientific notation we will separate the ten and hundred: 700 (whole number) = 7 (ten) × 100 (hundred)

In the second step we will convert 100 into exponent and raised power: 100 = 10 raised to power 2

Therefore 700 will be = 7 × 10 raised to power 2

In this way Both numbers 700 and 7 × 10 raised to power 2 have the exactly same values. They are just represented in different ways.


How do you write one million in scientific notation?

One million (1,000,000) in scientific notation written as 1 x 10^6.

How do you write 54 in scientific notation?

54 in scientific notation is written as 5.400 x 10^ 1.

What is 0.0970 written in scientific notation?

0.0970 in scientific notation is written as 9.700 x 10^ -2.


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