Graphing Calculator

NOTE! Enter expression using variable X (PHP code accepted). Both axes in range of -250 to 250.

Drawing Graphs is one of the most time taking tasks. You need good tools and then have to do lots of calculations to find the points and finally you draw some lines on the graph paper. It seems simple when narrated here but in reality it's too complicated. How good you are in calculations but you can't draw 100% perfect graph. Most of the times you don't even get the exact shape or curve that should be there of the graph of a specific function.

Graphs are mostly drawn manually as Graphical Calculators are either found rarely or if found, are too expensive to afford. Most of the students can't afford to buy a graphical calculator. In this age where time is too short, you can't afford to waste your time in calculations to find a single point on graph. There must be either some free graphical calculator or there should be some wizard to solve these hectic questions for you.

This website brought to you your wish. Now you can solve the functions using graphs. Just clicks and few inputs give you the graphical representation of functions you enter. This amazing calculator allows you to enter even the complex functions involving Trigonometry, Logarithms, Exponents and Other such functions. Just enter the function and the value range for the coordinates and the click on draw button. It may take a couple of seconds and then a pop will display you the graph of the function you entered and for the values you given. Just bookmark this Graphical Calculator as now you don't need to spend some good sum to buy a graphical calculator. This calculator is free to use whenever wherever you are.