Calculate the percentage

In our daily life we perform lots of calculations. We add, we subtract, we multiply and we divide. The modern economies and their financial policies has made another mathematical function a part of our daily life i.e. Percentage. This math function has become the fifth basic function that we perform and that is involved very deeply in our daily transaction. We buy, we sell or whatever we transact, the percentage is involved there in the form of VAT or other Taxes. These taxes are charged at the rate of different percentage of price we pay.

Apart from taxes on prices, the percentage is very important for a student as well. This is the indicator of his or her performance in his or her studies and it determines his or her future. Very much depends on the percentage of their academic percentage. If their percentage is good then they can aim to have a bright future ahead. If you are a sportsman then for you again the percentage plays an important part. It determines how good you are in sports and it determines your rank like your winning ratio, strike rate, defense etc. In Short, Percentage Calculator is the need of almost every person in this world, no matter in which field he or she is.

Keeping in view the importance of percentage, this Simple percentage Calculator is designed. This Percentage Calculator does nothing else but performs the percentage function. You can calculate the percentage of any figure you want. It is so simple and easy to use that everyone can use it and calculate percentage. This Percentage Calculator is very handy as it eliminates some confusion while calculating percentage. Now you don't need to multiply and divide manually as it does all for you. You simply enter some figure and the percentage and it tells the amount. Enjoy using this Percentage Calculator!